Saturday, 20 September 2008

Pirate return..............

What better date to resuscitate a Piratepurls blog than Talk like a Pirate Day.
Very little knitting done as my arm will take 18 months to can only now knit/crochet for about 15 minutes at a time. 15 minutes however, is infinitely preferable to no minutes at all :)
Falling down stairs and being a crock and watching the Olympics got us all thinking about exercise... I could watch this guy for hours Poetry in Motion........................................................................
Inspired by this and as it was Pirate's and Sinbad's Birthdays we got a good deal on a Trampoline . Sinbad has embraced exercising on it totally.....................see the uncanny similarities between him and the gentleman in the video??????????

Practicing so you you can swing from a yardarm must be taxing, it may also be contagious..even scurvy seadogs can be affected......

Anyway, some knitting has occurred...I finished off this top which was a top-down raglan. I looked at and adored the Leaf T shirt and the Rusted Root patterns…but decided I wanted something inspired by them but different. I used the Leaf T’s gorgeous lace panel :) ie/ a central lace pattern a squared neckline eyelet detail (thanks to aztrichards) So after much wrong maths (ahem) and frog ponding…here it is. It doesnt skew in real life..I am just rubbish at photos! The cotton is nice to work with and is a really cheap knit! This was less than 5 balls of James Brett Kool Kotton.

I have started this pattern Baby Cables and Big ones Too by Suvi s.........loving it but I have found that if I join arms at point stated then it is too long in the body/skeeve spaces too big (possibly my row gauge) frogging back about 20 rows. Great pattern gorgeous is this!!! I am using a cone of lush Blue Faced Leicester that I had in stash...its so lovely to knit with. I got it from this chap who is is his yan. Anyone in Chester UK on weekend of the 27-28th September...he is having an open day.

I have also started a BSJ ( baby Surprise Jacket ). You can see lots of these lovely jackets here. I am using Yarnyard Sockyarn. Beautifully soft for baby but also washable for Mum. The 0-3 months size takes a 100G a nice change from socks!

This is an amazing baby pattenn by Elizabeth Zimmerman . It appears in her books "The Opinionated Knitter" and "Knitter's Workshop" can also purchase as a single pattern here. I believe that SchoolHouse Press will be releasing in the next few weeks an Expanded BSJ Pattern for knitters who who would like detailed instructions and “instructions for the “no-man’s-land” size of approx 7-10 year-olds (too big for the BSJ; too small for the Adult version.
One of the things I like about Yarnyard is that they sell 50g great for colour work.


gilraen said...

Font looks okay but I find it hard to read the white on black because of failing eyesight. :)

Is Sinbad still on the trampoline? :D

gilraen said...

That's brilliant now!!! :D

LadybirdLinz (:i:) said...

You have an award - check out my blog :D

Maybe I should've given it to Sinbad lol

Love your top down sweater, it's fab!