Sunday, 6 April 2008

Lopi in my veins and we are not alone!

Well, perhaps more accurate to say Lopi is in my airways, my bed, my husbands underpants. I kid you not. As much as I love knitting with this yarn it sheds as you go along. I tend to knit in bed of an evening (doesn't everybody??????) and there is now lots of little blue fibres to prove it. OH was "tolerant but concerned". Once it found it's way into his underwear his concern increased. To try and give him perspective that there were worse things that could invade underpants than lopi, I showed him this. Sadly it gave little solace.

Thankfully the cardigan is now finished. It's the Ski Jacket from Veronic Avery's book "Knitting Classic Style"

I love the pattern but found the following

  • chart key incorrect. A=main colour. The chart itself is accurate it'sjust the key that is out.
  • buttonband as written would appear on mans side of a cardi

  • I lengthened body and sleeves by two inches, as my arms are reminicent of an Orang and I wanted a jacket as opposed to a waist length cardi.

I also have finished my Headigan hat. This is knit side to side and is a really enjoyable knit. I used less than 1 skeinWensleydale Longwool Aran and less than 1 ball of Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora. Despite me not having a "hat-face", I love this hat. However, do you see any similarities?? Note to self re must de-fur those eyebrows. Live long and prosper.

On an extra-terrestrial theme...have a look at this blog!! This wonderful blogger has produced a crochet pattern for the newest DR Who aliens, the Adipose Babies ...less than 24 hours after they appeared on the TV. Amazing!! I hav been informed by the Piratepurls that they want one will teach them to crochet their own!!

In between planetary exploration, I also joined a KAL using New Lanark yarn. This is unbelievably good value yarn ( £1.00 for Double Knitting 50 gram ball = 132 yds / 120 metres ). I am using the Donegal Silk Tweed mix and subbing it for Felted Tweed to make the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. My tension using the New Lanark was different from the original yarn (21 stitches on 3.75mm needles) so I am knitting the smallest size to accommodate for this. Hopefully I will get a 38 inch chest. Swatching was interesting as the yarn "blooms" slightly after washing and the feel and handle much improves. It's not a scratchy yarn but is not super-soft. I do think it is wearable against the skin after washing. One thing, if you do buy this yarn I would invest in a sample card for £1 as the colours look different on my monitor.

Here's my progress to date...just finished the garter rib and onto the ss. Not sure about continuing with the faux seam :(

It's not just me who has been busily knitting. Both the Piratepurls have been knitting over Easter. They both completed the Easter dishcloth from Kenyetta Davis. She very kindly let them be test knitters... ( a pause for motherly pride of a 9 and 10 year old being test knitters)...and they found the pattern well written and fun to make. Kenyetta's piccie is better than mine!

They are now knitting two of Barbara Prime's patterns. The rabbit with a hoodie and the Puppy Dog


gilraen said...

That's a great Lopi knit!!

I did laugh at the bits getting everywhere!!! :)

Lovely knitting in the Pirate Ship all round!! Well done PPs :)

belaybunny said...

Well done to those test kniting pirates - it looks fab!!

And wow, what a fantastic knit, I wish I had the patience/skill to do fairisle.

LOL - the mind boggles at fluff in the pants!!!

Fegrig said...

Tell him it could have been worse the needles could still have been attached.