Saturday, 22 March 2008

Back from advising NASA.....

OK...advising NASA is not strictly true BUT it sounds a lot better than back from a backlog of workstuff.

Got quite a few knitting and crochet things finished, just as well 'cos then I fell down stairs at work and couldn't knit for nearly TWO weeks. That's made me realise how obsessive I am, I have been like a cat on hot bricks. The Doctor in casualty/ER looked at me as if I was concussed when I kept asking for his best estimate of when the pain would stop as I had a shawl to complete.....

Anyway.Finally finished the Bodrum Airport socks. This is a nice partern by the Yarn Harlot. They look nothing like her "Earl Grey" pattern, as the pattern ended up in lost they are "sortof" her pattern but aren't. The Harlot is SERIOUSLY funny....hubby is now used to me laughing at the laptop and saying, "Oh that Harlot"....he was originally worried that I had been subsumed by a cult and was speaking in Old Testament of the wittiest blogs I've read.

On the topic of The Harlot...she is coming to the UK. At the risk of sounding somewhat sad...I am REALLY excited about this, especially since a very, very kind friend bought me the ticket as a surprise. You know who you are. I am sure all of you knitter-types know Yarn Harlot as a clever, witty knitter-blogger...but..just in case you have also been working in sub-space for NASA, here's her blog.
Do not take a mouthful of liquids whilst reading or your computer my be at risk.

I have also been crocheting and finished two halter tops for the Pirates. Bargainous cotton aran from Texere, so less than a fiver a top.

The pattern was very easy to follow and comes from here.

Also finished a Sweet Pea crochet shawl. This was also a stash-buster, using a lovely mercenised cotton 4ply I got from my last holiday in Turkey. This is a nice pattern but if following the pattern from "The Happy Hooker" please note their are errata.

After that it's plain sailing. Pattern is also available here