Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Rings and out-damn-spot

Contrary to the rumours I have not won the lottery and been crushed under the resulting mountain of yarn-purchase.....no...nothing so interesting...

The previously-mentioned lurgy had seemed to dissipate and lulled me into a false sense of security, so holidays were over and back to work and earning a crust...........then the SPOTS arrived!!!!!!

Lady MacBeth eat your heart out....these spots were not mere insignificant pimples...they were Gods of the spot-world....or... to quote my GP.... "it looks like Chicken Pox".....

So that explained why I was insanely tired, scratching like a demon and writhing about. Sinbad commented on my restless sleeping as being a horizontal version of Riverdance. I thought partners liked women who were active in boudoir????????

The doc said keep away from others until you have had no more spots. Now this is good advice. However, on reflection. If your body is spattered with multiple spots that seem to merge after nocturnal ratchings....how do you know what's a new spot or not. Colour-coding!! Well...it seemed a good idea at the time...have I mentioned I was dilerious??? Anyway...all original spots were circled with green felt tip. all new spots were then circled with blue, pink and other shades of felt tip. All spots, irrespective of colour code, were lathered with anti-itch cream and an outfit of loose shorts and pyjama top preserved modesty. This was "a good system" but like all "good systems" there was a flaw. You do not want to sign for a parcel when looking like a blue-ringed octopus victim wearing a Hong Kong Phooey outfit....you guessed it...the same postie from the lurgy post came to door with a sign-for parcel. This guy thinks I'm strange. I could tell.

So, to cut a long story short, I have been encarcerated at home. This particular cloud had a silver lining. In between frenzied scratching and scaring postal workers, I finished off my Spiral Socks and I'm really pleased with them!!!! My next socks are to be the same designers Bracket Fungus Socks.

Spiral Socks

I also hauled out my sewing machine that hadn't been out it's cover in 18 years. This was a gift from Sinbad just after we were married. Not quite certain why he bought it as I had never made any clothes before....but I made a set of trousers that MC Hammer would have been proud of. Anyway, for whatever reason...I got the mad idea to made some clothes...maybe I was dilerious? I bought this pattern after seeing a finished skirt by Harrysmum from CraftyThreads forum.

Ta da!!!!! £5 worth of bargain material, scissors, pins and lots of colourful language (in Gaelic to protect Pirates from corruption) and we had a skirt!!!! In retrospect maybe not a wise choice for a gentle re-introduction into dressmaking. Stitching lots of curves/spirals in 100% cotton with little "give" was a bit challenging for someone with St Vitus dance but youngest Pirate loves the results! No she doesn't have short legs...it's a tad long :) I love this pattern and will be making making more of these.

When I googled the pattern I found a super review site that gave other examples of these finished skirts. This site is well worth a look before purchasing sewing patterns.

So what was in the signed for parcel? This last week was also eldest Pirates birthday and the parcel contained some PRESENTS.

To say that I was losing the will to live with "is it xxxxx I am getting....do you know it's my birthday in two days and 34 seconds" etc etc...is an understatement. The day duly arrived (relief all round) and eldest Pirate got sock yarn...sock needles...a camera..Dr Who autographed piccie..and a sock bag.
Eldest Pirate was over the moon. We also have a tradition of the other Pirate getting a small gift on the other's birthday...so both Pirates got a copy of The Hobbit. They also got a set of Pink Denise Interchangable needles to share....indoctrinate them when they are young. This cynical and calculated craft-brainwashing is working...here are their latest Finished Objects.

Youngest Pirates jeans patch...

Eldest Pirates Jeans patch

It's interesting...mention Intarsia to an old-fogey like moi and it's "Sounds complex".
Don't call it anything and show pattern to an 8 year old and a soon-to-be-10 year old and they just do it. Elizabeth Zimmermann would have approved, I'm sure.

Kindness of knitters
Eldest Pirate also got an Amazon goodie voucher from Melody Yarns....She decided to buy this book, The Ultimate Book of Kids Concoctions

The book was recommended by Ring-Master Jacquie (see below) and to add some of her birthday money to Melody's generous offering to get this....

When I first saw the title I thought youngest Pirate had been influenced by her Father's previous talents as a single man...but no...she informs me it involves lots of activities/jumping around. (still sounding like Mr Sinbad in the pre-marraige years).
Pirate said "we can play this together as a family..I feel a hernia coming on. Thanks Melody Yarns!!!!!!

N(atalie) is also sending a gift....I am hopeful it is not a chicken.........she is strangely drawn to them.

There have been further examples of "The Kindness Of Knitters"....I have been after this pattern for a while now..

It's the Halloween Vest by Kathleen Taylor. Knitpicks had the licence for it but it sold out. I scoured ebay and posted on USA boards. A kind Knitters Review forum member gave me the designer's webpage..which I had failed to find before. I wrote a rambling email and half-expected no reply...as it WAS a rambling email...Did I mention I've been dilerious????? Anyhow, I got a lovely response and Kathleen helped me get the pattern. What a smashing lady!!!! Just goes to show... knitters are good folk. Some real inspiration on her blog!

I have also resurrected the Calista McQueen Knock Off sweater. The pattern is designed by this lady.

I have been following an adapted version of this I found on Craftster. This version is "knitting in the round". Anything that avoids seaming is fine by me!!! It's an enjoyable knit...once I realised that I was one row out for the back compared to the front (back and front are identical) which meant front cables great and back ones a mess. A quick bit of frogging and we are back on track.

Lastly....did I hear a sigh of relief...the blog also got a "new addition" after I was approached by the Ring-Master! No, not a proctologist. (Chicken Pox is bad but not THAT bad). This ring master's domain is blog-rings. So, I am now part of the Crafty Ring!!!!
There are some cracking blogs on there...so have a mooch.